Saturday, September 8, 2018

Les rêves de Septembre (September's dreams)

Salut ami!

We are eight days into September - and I am feeling good about this month.  I spent the Labor Day weekend decluttering, scanning, shredding, donating and sleeping.  I have started going room by room - deciding what I want to move when I relocate to France - not if, but when.  It has been very eye opening to me.  Things that I have clung to forever and a day, I now easily donate or distribute to friends.   A close friend calls it Scandinavian death cleaning, I like to think of it as "bonjour futur" cleaning.

I keep thinking I should be doing a bullet journal for this phase of my life, but honestly they bore me to tears.  I see all these amazing pages on Instagram and Pintrest - so colorful, perfect, artistic and organized.  Blech.  That crafty gene is something that went to my sister in the genetics roulette of life.  Now, I am crafty like a fox, but not crafty as in people would buy what I made...not a chance.  Anyway...I digress...let's talk about September!

In August I paid off another credit card (2 down and a phone paid off) leaving the 3 big ones, plus my student loans to tackle.  Oh and did I mention that i have committed to take a trip to Antarctica in 2020? It is supposed to coincide with my final debt payment. I crunched the numbers and it will work out...if i commit to a shopping ban for the next 15 months....I've read about people doing it - but actually pulling the trigger.  Has anyone attempted this?  thoughts?  advice?  warnings?

Oh, and I have picked up a side job that starts in October - January that will help me stay out of stores and off of amazon and add some umpf to my debt repayment.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Dinner Dilemma

You know what makes me feel like a failure at life?  Not my soul crushing debt (that is a whole different list of failures) but my dislike of cooking dinner. It doesn’t matter if I am cooking for me or a household of people, cooking brings me no joy.  So when one decides to start being frugal ( better late then never) eating at a restaurant or grabbing take out on the way home goes away.  That is money that can go the SCD (soul crushing debt) but how do I feed myself without wanting to go to bed without supper. Seriously, I have chosen this over cooking in the past.  Lunch I can do.  Breakfast is my best friend....but dinner.  Ugh, we are frenemies.

Any advice?  Ways to make meal planning “fun”?  Or should I just consider dinner my new weight loss strategy....hmmm



Saturday, August 4, 2018

Le début

2007 was a magical year for Mademoiselle Frugal...two very different things happened to my life that led me to where I am today.

I always thought I had a good hold on my finances.  I could pay bills when they came in - I even had paid off almost all my credit card debt before I bought my 2007....right before the housing market went to heck.  What was selling for $215,000 in March, was selling for $30,000 in December.  I had barely finished hanging curtains and I was already upside down on my mortgage.  Along with the housing bubble burst, my company decided to reduced everyone's salaries by 20%. That is where the little credit card purchases started to happen...and to add up.  A dinner here, a visit to Home Depot there and the ever so classic "I'm hemorrhaging money anyway might as well take a long vacation to France" - I mean who hasn't been there right??

So there I was, a young fille, laden with mortgage, student loans and credit card debt and I went and fell hopelessly head over heels in love with a country....France.  It was my first time abroad and I was smitten.  It seemed to me that  in France the sky was bluer, les nuages were fluffier, the cheese was cheesier and even the generic wine at l'épicerie was amazing.  Returning home I would dream of France while slowly creeping deeper and deeper into debt.  Five years later I decided to stop dreaming and start making an annual pilgrimage to France.  It would be five more years before I realized I was in a deep deep hole of debt and there was going to be a snowball chance in you know where of me retiring to une petite maison if I didn't acknowledge I had a problem and address it.

Somewhere in all my Pintresting/Instagraming I saw a post that said "You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick"  #deepthoughts  December 2017 was when I sat down, added everything up, threw up in my mouth a little at the total and vowed to become debt free. 

That's Mademoiselle Frugal in a nut shell.