Saturday, August 4, 2018

Le début

2007 was a magical year for Mademoiselle Frugal...two very different things happened to my life that led me to where I am today.

I always thought I had a good hold on my finances.  I could pay bills when they came in - I even had paid off almost all my credit card debt before I bought my 2007....right before the housing market went to heck.  What was selling for $215,000 in March, was selling for $30,000 in December.  I had barely finished hanging curtains and I was already upside down on my mortgage.  Along with the housing bubble burst, my company decided to reduced everyone's salaries by 20%. That is where the little credit card purchases started to happen...and to add up.  A dinner here, a visit to Home Depot there and the ever so classic "I'm hemorrhaging money anyway might as well take a long vacation to France" - I mean who hasn't been there right??

So there I was, a young fille, laden with mortgage, student loans and credit card debt and I went and fell hopelessly head over heels in love with a country....France.  It was my first time abroad and I was smitten.  It seemed to me that  in France the sky was bluer, les nuages were fluffier, the cheese was cheesier and even the generic wine at l'épicerie was amazing.  Returning home I would dream of France while slowly creeping deeper and deeper into debt.  Five years later I decided to stop dreaming and start making an annual pilgrimage to France.  It would be five more years before I realized I was in a deep deep hole of debt and there was going to be a snowball chance in you know where of me retiring to une petite maison if I didn't acknowledge I had a problem and address it.

Somewhere in all my Pintresting/Instagraming I saw a post that said "You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick"  #deepthoughts  December 2017 was when I sat down, added everything up, threw up in my mouth a little at the total and vowed to become debt free. 

That's Mademoiselle Frugal in a nut shell.


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