Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Dinner Dilemma

You know what makes me feel like a failure at life?  Not my soul crushing debt (that is a whole different list of failures) but my dislike of cooking dinner. It doesn’t matter if I am cooking for me or a household of people, cooking brings me no joy.  So when one decides to start being frugal ( better late then never) eating at a restaurant or grabbing take out on the way home goes away.  That is money that can go the SCD (soul crushing debt) but how do I feed myself without wanting to go to bed without supper. Seriously, I have chosen this over cooking in the past.  Lunch I can do.  Breakfast is my best friend....but dinner.  Ugh, we are frenemies.

Any advice?  Ways to make meal planning “fun”?  Or should I just consider dinner my new weight loss strategy....hmmm



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