Saturday, September 8, 2018

Les rêves de Septembre (September's dreams)

Salut ami!

We are eight days into September - and I am feeling good about this month.  I spent the Labor Day weekend decluttering, scanning, shredding, donating and sleeping.  I have started going room by room - deciding what I want to move when I relocate to France - not if, but when.  It has been very eye opening to me.  Things that I have clung to forever and a day, I now easily donate or distribute to friends.   A close friend calls it Scandinavian death cleaning, I like to think of it as "bonjour futur" cleaning.

I keep thinking I should be doing a bullet journal for this phase of my life, but honestly they bore me to tears.  I see all these amazing pages on Instagram and Pintrest - so colorful, perfect, artistic and organized.  Blech.  That crafty gene is something that went to my sister in the genetics roulette of life.  Now, I am crafty like a fox, but not crafty as in people would buy what I made...not a chance.  Anyway...I digress...let's talk about September!

In August I paid off another credit card (2 down and a phone paid off) leaving the 3 big ones, plus my student loans to tackle.  Oh and did I mention that i have committed to take a trip to Antarctica in 2020? It is supposed to coincide with my final debt payment. I crunched the numbers and it will work out...if i commit to a shopping ban for the next 15 months....I've read about people doing it - but actually pulling the trigger.  Has anyone attempted this?  thoughts?  advice?  warnings?

Oh, and I have picked up a side job that starts in October - January that will help me stay out of stores and off of amazon and add some umpf to my debt repayment.

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